Bechstein’s caught near Westhumble Mines


The rare Bechstein's at Westhumble Whilst out and about trapping bats with Surrey Bat Group, we caught the rare Bechstein's (Myotis bechsteinii).  The UK population is estimated at 21,000 and it's distribution is mainly in southern England.  The bat was named after Johann Matthäus Bechstein, a German naturalist who lived from 1757 to 1822.  Even over 200 years ago, he was an activist for the protection of animals that were considered to be pests, such as bat species. Further information on the bat can be found here. “It’s been particularly challenging this year because of the unseasonably cold, [...]

Bechstein’s caught near Westhumble Mines2021-10-15T10:41:42+00:00

Ecological Clerk of Works on M23


Ecological Clerk of Works along M23 SWT Ecology Services has been providing valuable Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) services to Kier Infrastructure, supervising vegetation removal along the M23 to facilitate the transition to a smart motorway.  Over the course of a year we have identified over 100 badger sett entrances and are working closely with Kier to minimise impacts to these from the works.  This involves extensive monitoring using remote sensor camera traps, regular field visits and site inspections with a licensed badger ecologist.

Ecological Clerk of Works on M232021-10-15T10:41:48+00:00

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